Lessons Learned by Chance

Lessons Learned by Chance is about the lessons we learned during the production of Chance. A quick and simple ‘how (not) to’-book for a new generation of film makers who is about to start their first longer film production. Forget the theory of film making, dive right in with more than 40 tips and tricks, resulting from the sometimes painful lessons we learned on the way.

You can order your copy of Lessons Learned by Chance for €15,95 here or read it on-line first by clicking on the stack of books to your left. Don’t worry, it’s free.



This is the And

On December 15 the book This is the And by Victor and Manfred van Doorn was launched at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. This inspiring book on leadership written by father and son describes the power of the And: Capitalism and Communism becomes Communalism; optimism and awareness of crisis becomes “Do worry be happy”.

Go to the website of This is the And for more information:



Het Wiel Opnieuw Uitvinden

Reinventing the Wheel is a master piece on personal growth and the different stages of leadership we experience in our lives, written by Manfred van Doorn, design by Victor van Doorn. In this book Manfred van Doorn shows the recurring patterns we experience in life and how we can use these cycles to grow both personally and globally to a higher level of happiness, wisdom and leadership.

The 2012 edition is available now for €96,- here:




1 Minute Film School

Het geld ligt op straat schema

Het geld ligt op straat

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