Irina Kulikova – Prelude

Videoclip for Irina Kulikova’s guitar version of “Bach’s Cello Suite” recorded in the Posthoorn church in Amsterdam.

With a large array of prestigious awards and highly acclaimed performances on renowned festivals, Irina Kulikova is considered one of the most gifted musicians on classical guitar. She has the capacity of fully opening up to music, dragging audiences around the world with her into a most profound and enchanting experience.

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Handsome Poets – Blinded

Videoclip for “Handsome Poets” first single “Blinded”. The song of the young and upcoming band was quickly picked up by the National radio station 3FM. After a dazzeling first year the band won the 3FM “Serious Talent Award” with their “fresh mix of  80thies new wave wrapped in cool danceable grooves and tingly pop tunes”.

Director: Victor van Doorn
Camera: Mark Lindenberg
Producer: Merel den Otter
Editors: Nicolien van Loon & Michal Chmarzynski
Visual Effects: Manne Heijman
Model: Margriet Planting




1 Minute Film School

Amelie knipt en plakt

Knip-, plak- en maatwerk

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